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The term ‘quality’ is thrown around by many companies.  While this may make it seem like everyone has a ‘quality’ product they are trying to sell, I want to take a moment to define exactly what that word means at Paradime Construction, Inc.

A quality home is a comfortable home. One of the most important aspects of the home buying is feeling comfortable in your new home.  At Paradime, we go to great lengths to make sure that the home you select will suit your exact needs from the moment you move in. Comfort starts with the design process, including the locations of windows and doors, as well as the multiple ways furniture can be laid out in the home. The climate control system plays an integral role in making sure the home feels right, no matter what the season.  The extra steps we take, including load calculations and making sure the ducts are sealed, all provide the benefit of a comfortable home.

A quality home is a home that lasts a long time or is sustainable. Homes that stand the test of time prove their level of quality in their design and construction. By properly installing materials that last longer, we ensure the that home will perform longer than a lesser quality home. Materials like trusses, Advantek flooring, vinyl soffits, metal wrapped facia and brick make sure that your new home will stand the test of time.

A quality home is a home that maintains its resale value. For many people, the home they build will not be their last home. When they do decide to sell, they will want potential buyers to see the value in their home, and that stems from quality. From running down the list of material used in the home to pointing out the level of care used by installers, they can share some of the ways the home holds on to its resale value.

A quality home is a home that requires low maintenance. An ideal situation is a home functions by itself with little or no maintenance over the years. However, a home is a living, breathing thing that does require attention. With new building science methodology and the proper installation of the newest materials on the market today, homes can be very low maintenance. Some may require the HVAC filters be changed every three months, as well as a good walk around the home occasionally to make sure there are no problems areas.

A quality home has low operating costs. The benefits of the green movement are  homes and home systems with lower operating costs. Using less energy and water is not only good for the environment but also helps save money. Low energy and water bills are easily-seen evidence of a quality built home.

A quality home is a home that our customers are proud to live in.  Having friends and family over to see the unique design that helped create, the special colors they chose, the lower energy costs, and how comfortable the home feels gives our customers a great sense of pride in their new home.