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The process of building a home


The way most homes are built go as follows: 

1) The home buyer picks a lending institution with whom they will have their mortgage. 

2) The home buyer gets qualified for the amount of home they can afford. 

3) A contract is signed between the home buyer and the builder for a specific house. 

4) The lending institution goes through the loan process and gets final loan approval. 

5) The builder is told that the loan has been approved and gets a construction loan to finance the construction process. 

6) The house is built, and at the closing money is exchanged.

One way to save money is the Construciton-Perm Loan. This is when the home buyer gets the construction loan and the bank disperses funds throughout construction. This constuction loan turns into the home buyers permanent loan. This saves money by eliminating closing costs on the construction loan the builder has to take out. A home buyer using this type of financing could save up to $4000. Another benefit is that the interest can (but doesn't have to) be paid by the home buyer, creating a possible tax deduction.


Wheither you have your design complete or you are looking to explore your ideas, Paradime Construction, Inc. is set up to help you reach your dream. It is a big advantage having an experienced home designer and builder to assist you with bringing your ideas to paper.


The construction phase is the most exciting part of the building process. It is when your dreams become reality. Understanding that it may be stressful on some clients, Paradime Constuction, Inc. has scheduled meetings that take place during major phases of construction. Increased communication and involvement during construction makes the transition into your new home a fun and educational experience.

What are the benefits of building with Paradime Construction, Inc.?


Sales is an important part of the home building process.  It establishes a link between the home buyer and the builder, who provides experience and expertise. Paradime Construction is set up to work with all sales agents, and offers full brokerage participation.


With Paradime Construction, you are dealing directly with the owner on a regular basis. This saves time and energy by enabling you to receive immediate answers to your questions and encourages your constant input in the design and construction of your home. Remember, buying a home is an exciting time and Paradime Construction, Inc. wants to help make this process as easy and fun as possible.