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Company Mission

Paradime Construction, Inc. is in business to design and build custom homes for clients who enjoy personal attention in every aspect of the home building process, while giving them a quality home at a reasonable value.

A Word from the Owner

Stanley J. O'Brien Jr. - President and CEO

Early Life

Raised in Charleston S.C., I was surrounded by amazing Architecture. This encouraged my early interest in design, specifically home design. Many early photos show me drawing homes at a very young age. I focused this skill in high school by taking drafting classes and eventually attended Clemson University to study architecture.


After my freshman year at Clemson, I realized that I wanted to get into more of the "nuts and bolts" of home building. Along with my time-consuming Architecture curriculum, I began taking classes in Construction Science. Graduating in 1992 with a Bachelors in Design and in 1993 with a Bachelors in Construction Science, I went to work for a home builder in Winston-Salem, NC.


Throughout High School and College I worked for many different construction companies that offered me valuable experience in everything from tract building to the manufacturing of architectural details.  After college, I spent 5 years with a company in North Carolina that provided a full spectrum of home building services to its customers. They developed the land, designed, built, and sold the homes.  I was exposed to a number of different aspects of the building industry including home design, supervising construction managers, and even getting involved with development. 


Having been raised and educated in South Carolina, with friends and family here, I decided to return to my home state and start Paradime Construction, Inc. which has been building homes in Columbia since 1999.  Columbia has seen a thriving economy over the last few years and is a great location for home buyers.  Centrally located, Columbia is a short trip to both the beach and the mountains.  Our capital city is the perfect size and offers a wide variety of attractions that draw many people to move here and settle down.  Paradime Construction, Inc. is proud to be a part of this great city.